Supercomputer predicts shock England finish for 2025 Six Nations - Ruck

Supercomputer predicts shock England finish for 2025 Six Nations

England will face Ireland on the opening weekend of the 2025 Six Nations.

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This marks the 131st season of the competition (including its previous forms as the Home Nations Championship and the Five Nations Championship) and the 26th season since it expanded to the Six Nations Championship in 2000.

The tournament is set to begin on 31 January 2025 with a Friday night match between France and Wales, and it will conclude with France against Scotland on 15 March.

Ireland enters the tournament as the two-time reigning champions. After a year away due to preparations for the 2024 Summer Olympics, France will return to their usual venue, the Stade de France in Saint-Denis.

Here is how a Super Computer predicts the tournament will finish:

1. England

2. Scotland

3. France

4. Scotland

5. Italy

6. Wales

AI has predicted the next 40 Six Nations winners, Italy never win it

Groundbreaking AI technology has unveiled its jaw-dropping forecasts for the next four decades of Six Nations glory, and the results are nothing short of mind-blowing.

According to the cutting-edge predictions, England is poised to clinch victory in a staggering five out of the next 20 tournaments, while Scotland is primed for a historic triumph, marking their first title since their Five Nations conquest in 1999.

However, the road ahead seems daunting for Wales, as the AI oracle forecasts a prolonged wait until 2041 for their next taste of Six Nations glory.

Meanwhile, traditional powerhouses such as England, Ireland, and France are slated to dominate the competition, casting a shadow over Welsh aspirations.

Check out the next 20 Six Nations winner’s below.

2025: England

2026: Ireland

2027: England

2028: England

2029: Scotland

2030: France

2031: Ireland

2032: England

2033: Ireland