Perhaps the most surprising recruit in rugby history?

Perhaps the most surprising recruit in rugby history?

One of East London RFC’s teams were struggling last weekend due to a lack of players but found an extra body in the most unlikely of places.

The third team, known within the club as The Thirsty Thirds, travelled to Old Brents last Saturday but had insufficient players to make a team.

So what did they do? They persuaded their coach driver, Frank Williams, who had NEVER stepped foot on a rugby pitch to play.

Frank Williams is in the back row (AGAIN), third from right.

Williams, who is in his forties, had never even held a rugby ball but pulled on the shirt after some basic coaching from the clubs stalwart prop Haidar Kamuss.

Meanwhile, skipper, Frank Murphy used all his wit and charm to persuade the referee and opponents to let him stay on the pitch.

Williams went on to power through 80 minutes playing at flanker, and despite his very limited knowledge of the game, he still scrummaged better than Jonny May.

“I enjoyed it,” said the debutant, after he was given a standing ovation by players and members upon the teams return to their clubhouse.

“I’ve never played before but everyone looked after me. I’m happy to come and drive for you whenever you want me, but I’m not sure about playing again.”