The Lad Bible fire shots at Rugby fans after England's penalty shootout triumph - Ruck

The Lad Bible fire shots at Rugby fans after England’s penalty shootout triumph

The Lad Bible has fired shots at rugby fans following England’s penalty shootout triumph against Colombia. 

England looked to be set for more agony when Jordan Henderson’s penalty was saved by David Ospina but Mateus Uribe smashed the following kick on to the crossbar to pave the way for Jordan Pickford and Eric Dier to be England’s saviours.

An article, which was all about John Stones reaction to the spot-kick triumph, then went on to take an unneeded dig at rugby union and its supporters. Not cool.

Lad Bibles’ Tom Wood wrote: “Anyone who tells you that this is wrong is probably a jeans and smart shoes wearing rugby fan who shares things on Facebook that say: “Football is gentleman’s game played by thugs, Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentleman”.

“Well, footballers might not be the smartest, and they may not be the most gracious people ever, but watching that has got to be better than watching the ‘rugger’ at ‘Twickers’ then vomiting into a pint glass.”


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