This hilarious tweet from Ellis Jenkins’ sister has gone viral

It’s a proud day finishing university – an achievement that would no doubt make you the centre of attention for your loved ones.

Unless, that is, your brother has just been named co-captain of the Welsh rugby team.

Katie Jenkins, sister of Ellis Jenkins, tweeted a screenshot of the message, saying: “When you finish 4 years of uni on the same day that the golden child is co-captain of Wales..”

And people seemed to relate to Katie’s plight as a younger sibling – with over 5,000 people liking the tweet.

Giving Jenkins the chance to publicly congratulate his sister on finishing university, the Cardiff Blues player quipped: “She hasn’t even finished yet – she’s got another exam on Friday!”

With more encouragement from hosts Polly James and Matt Lissack, he added: “I’m always her biggest fan and I tell her proud I am of her all the time – congratulations”.

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