The ridiculous and brutal TripAdvisor reviews of Premiership grounds

Whether it be about the Atmosphere, Facilities, traffic on the roads or bad customer service, rugby fans can be hard to please folk.

But some people take it a step too far… Why, for instance, would anyone go to a rugby stadium boathouse and then complain that it’s only worth going if you’re interested in rugby?

Here we look at examples of some people who who have offered brutal and sometimes ridiculous reviews of the county’s most popular rugby stadiums.

Leicester Tigers: Welford Road

“Keeps growing and keeps getting more ugly and more out of place. Large Monster on a small site. Knock in down and extend the Hospital next door.”

“This is the home of the team we all love and spend a fortune on by following them home and away , with all the staff you would expect to be able to engage in a simple transaction of giving money then simply getting a beer ! Too much to ask.”