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The wind-up Nigel Owens played on an England coach

Nigel Owens has revealed a funny story from post-match of the England vs. France game a fortnight ago.

“Shortly after England’s win over France a few days ago, I was in the referees’ dressing room at Twickenham when Eddie Jones’ attack coach Scott Wisemantel popped in.” wrote Owens in his columns for Wales Online.

“Scott’s an Aussie and, probably as a warm Australian gesture, he brought in beers for myself, the assistant referees and the TMO to say thank you for the game we’d just officiated.

“I told Scott it was really nice of him to come in, the beers were appreciated and we chatted for a bit before he then asked ‘Which game are you doing next, Nige?’

“I looked up and said with straight face, ‘Oh, I’m doing Wales versus England in Cardiff. That’s the next one for me.’


“Scott nodded his head and was about to say ‘Good luck’. But before he got to the end of the word ‘Good’, what I’d said started to sink in. He stood there open-mouthed for a couple of seconds, scarcely able to believe it, before blurting out ‘Like heck you are!’

“And off he went, big beaming smile on his face.”


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