10 things about rugby you HATE more than Monday mornings

10 things about rugby you HATE more than Monday mornings

Rugby is without a doubt the greatest invention of all time but some aspects of it regularly make us want to tear what’s left of our hair out.

1. Booing

Especially when someone is kicking.

Whilst the majority of fans seem capable of keeping their mouths shut, you get the odd idiot who ruins it.

THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL! – kick it out or we’ll kick you out!

2. Ugly sponsors

DHL should never have been allowed to sponsor Harlequins. Their logo was an eyesore on their stunning kit last season.

And don’t get us started on sleeve sponsors, shorts sponsors and all that.

People are much less likely to buy whatever it is you’re selling if your logo stains their beloved club’s kit.

3. Referee inconsistencies 

We’re looking at you referees, as much as we understand how tough your job is.

There should be a standard rule for;

  • How long an advantage should run for
  • What constitutes a scrum infringement
  • At what angle does a player have to enter a ruck to be considered offside
  • What is worthy of a yellow/red card

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