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England vs New Zealand ticket prices revealed ahead of first meeting in four years

The much-anticipated New Zealand showdown with Eddie Jones men in November is being billed as the richest one-off Test in history with top-priced England vs All Blacks ticket prices set to cost an incredible £195.

The All Blacks, the world’s number one-ranked side, will face an England side – ranked second – for the first time in four years when they clash on Saturday, December 10, 2018 in London.

A family of four wishing to watch the All Blacks Test in the premium seating area would have to pay “a shade under £800,” a report in the Daily Mail said.

England’s Rugby Football Union (RFU) has defended the England vs All Blacks ticket prices

“We haven’t yet finalised ticket pricing for the 2018/19 season, including the England v New Zealand game, which is our prime fixture next season,” a RFU spokesperson said.


“We always have a range of prices at Twickenham, and the top price is typically paid by no more than 10 percent of the fans.

“At the England v Wales (Six Nations) match on Saturday – where demand massively exceeded supply – our ticket prices started at £41, which is highly competitive.

The Daily Mail noted that Wales charged £100 for top tickets to the All Blacks Test last November and were accused of profiteering.

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  1. Garrie Owens

    I paid £75 to see Wales Vs ABs. This is just appalling money making at the expense of true rugby fans allowing the prawn sandwich brigade as the only ones who can afford to go. The atmosphere was crap on Saturday in Twickers as a result of this kind of nonsense

  2. w.armstrong

    Or why not just watch it on T.V. like most of us who cant afford the train fare to Twickenham, the hotel whilst your there or the ticket for the game . England should tour England and play at various grounds NOT just twickenham.

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