Tom Youngs sends message to fans after outpour of love and support

England rugby star Tom Youngs’ wife Tiffany is in remission from incurable cancer after a series of ‘alternative therapies and diet changes,’ they have said.

In May 2017, after a three-year battle with cancer, Tiffany received the devastating news that the illness would be terminal but twelve months on specialists have confirmed she is in remission.

And following an outpour of love and support on social media, Youngs addressed the fans with the perfect tweet on Tuesday evening.

Tiffany has continued with a course of alternative treatments and diet changes as she battled through the illness, and says the positive support has played a huge part in her fight.

She said:“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support and the kind gestures from everywhere.

“Our families and close friends have been at the centre of that, but also the messages and support from all around rugby have been huge – and not just from when we first told everyone last year, it has gone on all the time. Everyone has been so kind.

“To now be in remission is brilliant news and now we’re just looking forward again.”

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