TOP 10 | ENGLAND's 10 Longest Serving Rugby Internationals - Ruck

TOP 10 | ENGLAND’s 10 Longest Serving Rugby Internationals

International rugby  is not a sport in which many players have long careers. The constant tackling, pounding and physical exertion wears down a body after a short.

These England internationals went beyond the decade mark to make the top 10 longest careers wearing the white jersey.

10. Rory Underwood 12y 27d (1984-1996)
9. Rob Andrew -12y 69d (1985-1997)
8. John Heaton -12y 90d (1935-1947)
7. Mark Regan -12y 97d (1995-2008)
6. Gary Pearce -12y 250d (1971-1984)