Top 12 Ugliest Rugby Shirts Ever, Including England & Leicester Tigers

When rugby fashion goes seriously wrong.

12. Newcastle Falcons – Away (2017/18)

The jersey, designed by ISC who are known more for their rugby league kits, does look like a rejected Wigan Warriors away shirt.

11.Calvisano – Home (2006/07)

Although the actual shirt itself isn’t too horrendous, the lengths gone to in order to accommodate seemingly every sponsor going make this pretty awful to look at.

10. Edinburgh – Third (2009/10)

 Not only is this shirt visually offensive, but it seems to be trying a bit too hard. The designers have obviously tried to design a controversial shirt that will receive press coverage for the club, and maybe boost attendance at Edinburgh games.

Edinburgh’s Phil Godman and Nick de Luca with the loudest kit in rugby!!?