Top 12 Ugliest Rugby Shirts Ever, Including England & Leicester Tigers

6.Perpignan – Third (2010/11)

Perpignan’s attemped checkers design could have looked classy, but ended up looking more like the class clown with their jester-inspired design.

5.Blue Bulls – Away (2014)

The only situations where camouflage is acceptable as clothing, is if you are actually in the armed forces, you are playing paintball, or you are at a rave in the early ‘90s.

4. Ospreys – Training (2011)

This is a training shirt, and as such, was worn for training sessions, and pre-match warm-ups. However, as it was worn on the pitch by Ospreys players, in front of fee-paying fans, and sold to unwitting supporters, I do feel that its inclusion is justified.