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Top 5 most controversial refereeing decisions in rugby history

Pilloried for the decisions they give and castigated for the ones they don’t, rugby referees do not have an easy job.

These days it’s even harder, as technology allows their every decision to be dissected and discussed by the watching public.

However, some calls are just so bad, they deserve to be pulled apart time and time again.

5. Mark Cueto’s try

Matthew Tait sliced open the Boks defence and hurtled towards the line. Andy Gomarsall moved it quickly to Mark Cueto on the left wing who dived through the tackle of Danie Rossouw and over the line.

Alain Rolland called for the TMO. It was tight. Impossibly tight. No try.

England were instead awarded a penalty which Wilkinson slotted, and roused by Cueto’s diving effort they had the momentum.

But the Springbok nut was impossible to crack. Montgomery’s boot kept a huffing and puffing England at bay, guiding his side to a 15-6 win.

South Africa were deserved World Champions, England the plucky, dethroned former kings.

But if Cueto’s ghost try had stood, it all could have been so different.


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