Trailer for brand new rugby game drops - and it looks AWESOME - Ruck

Trailer for brand new rugby game drops – and it looks AWESOME

Rugby giants South Africa and England will both be officially licensed in the forthcoming Rugby Challenge 4 from Sidhe and Tru Blu Entertainment, scheduled for release later this year.

Confirmed via a new TRAILER on the official Rugby Challenge 4 website, the new footage showcases an England player being tackled by two Springbok defenders, with the official kits also on show.

England and the Springboks will then be added to the officially licensed roster of teams, including the All Blacks and Wallabies. At this time, no other licensed team has been announced, but given that the other notable nations (France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Italy) are all licensed in another upcoming rugby game, Rugby 20, it’s unknown whether they’ll feature in Rugby Challenge 4 in their licensed forms.


Q. When will Rugby Challenge 4 be released?

A. 2020

Q. What platforms will Rugby Challenge 4 be released on?

A. Initially PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then on PC and Nintendo Switch at a slightly later date.



Dive into a match solo or with friends, create your own pro and climb the ranks, or coach an entire team in Career mode.


All new visual effects ranging from dynamic lighting, weather and field wear, in stunning high definition!

Choose from a variety of tactics for added strategy on the field.

Custom create your own star players and teams. Choose from the best of the best.


More than 300 players with photorealistic likenesses from over 25 licensed teams.

RANKED | The 5 Best Rugby Video Games Ever Made

5. International Rugby Challenge (Mega Drive)

Not necessarily the best, not even necessarily good, but it was the first and was a lot of fun to play, especially with friends. Those classic SEGA sounds also make it amazing to play.

It made computer game history in the Amiga community when it received a review score of 2% in the UK magazine Amiga Power

This review of the PC version noted flaws including several spelling errors (“Murray Field”, the Parc de Paris, “trys”, “possesion”, and the clock not stopping when the gameplay is paused.

But those flaws add to the games character in our opinion.