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Transfer News: All Black centre confirms move to Europe

All Blacks and chiefs centre Charlie Ngatai has confirmed that he will be moving to Europe at the end of this year’s Super Rugby campaign.

Ngatai will join either Lyon or Toulouse with his deal to be signed in the near future.

“I’m likely looking to head overseas, and more likely over to France, at the end of the season,” Ngatai said in an interview on

“It’s one of those ones [Toulouse or Lyon], so we’re still working through that, and hopefully in the next few weeks it can be finalised.”

Ngatai said his battle with concussions in the last few seasons played a big role his decision to leave for France.

He was almost out of action for a whole year before he made his return to Super Rugby in May last year.


The move to France is also a perfect opportunity for the 27-year-old to increase his bank balance.

“Yeah, sort of,” he said. “That’s another reason why we looked over[seas] as well, you never know when your career’s going to finish.”

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