Tributes pour in for brave PC/rugby player who took on the three terrorists on London Bridge

Tributes pour in for brave PC/rugby player who took on the three terrorists on London Bridge

The still unnamed policeman and amateur rugby player confronted the three knife-wielding terrorists who unleashed carnage in the London Bridge area on Saturday night. 

It was reported by the BBC that he remains in critical condition after he was stabbed tackling one of the three attackers.

The bravery of his actions inspired us, along with Rugby Pass and R/RugbyUnion Reddit, to set up a Just Giving page to raise money for him and his family during his recovery. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick praised the “utterly heroic” actions of the officer, who was taken to hospital in a police car.

She added: “It’s hard to pick out individual stories but I am immensely proud of him and what he did.”

Here are just a few of the moving tributes posted on our Just Giving page. CLICK HERE TO DONATE
“Thank you for your bravery & courage, you truly are a hero.Get well soon & take it easy – hope you recover quickly.” – Kelly Townsend
“I’d like to think I’d do the same, but it is another thing entirely to actually have the guts to do it. Well done sir you deserve every penny raised and then some.” – Anonymous
“It takes courage and very big balls to run in the opposite direction to everyone else to tackle armed attackers, you sir will remain a legend within the rugby community, get well soon.” – Alan Roberts
“Such a brave, selfless act. Wish I had more to give.Speedy recovery” – Edna Coles
“I hope you make a speedy and full recovery, and I just wanted to show a small token of my appreciation for your heroism on that awful night.” – Anonymous. 
“Top man and good to see a rugby boy taking no sh1t from these absolutely mindless muppets. Wishing for a swift recovery and thank you.” – James Bell
“The outstanding bravery of our emergency services in the most horrific of times has to be admired. This fella put his body on the line to help save others with no second thoughts. #RugbyFamily” –  Paul Carter
“Making the whole rugby world proud and humbled! His sacrifice and courage bring tears to my eyes.” – Ciaran
“Get well soon and know that you have the respect and support of the entire rugby community for an amazing act of bravery.” – Greg Wright
“When 99.9% of people would understandably run away, you run in. Hero” – David Phillips
“Sir, you epitomise the values of the British Police Service. I salute you.Heal quickly and get back. We need you.” – Simon Collins