UPDATE | Worcester Warriors forward remains in intensive care - Ruck

UPDATE | Worcester Warriors forward remains in intensive care

Worcester Warriors have set up a special email address so that supporters and well-wishers can post messages of support for lock Michael Fatialofa.

Fatialofa was rushed to hospital in London last weekend after a sickening collision in the English Premiership match against Saracens left him with a major neck injury.

He remains in a serious condition in the intensive care unit of St Mary’s Hospital in London after he suffered a neck injury in last Saturday’s Gallagher Premiership match at Saracens.

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When the lights go out and this all fades for everyone else, our world will still be standing still & twisted upside down. That’s why we ask for prayers now, knowing they will be what sustains us in the days, weeks, months + years to come when the real work begins. This isn’t “news” this is @michaelfats LIFE! Our life! Our future children’s life (you best believe we will be able to have anau of our own one day)! We are otherwise two very keep-to-ourselves humans connected to extremely tight-knit aiga/communities, and we’ve never cared for the fuss, but — when crisis hits our shores it’s out of the desperation and humility of my heart to call on others to stand in the gap for my darling husband, and see that God gets maximum glory through this brutal situation. I need every prayer warrior willing enough to fight for 24/7 access ❕❕❕ If you know us, we are that couple who do EVERYTHING together & I mean inseparably so. We are ONE, so restrictively being apart for 14+ hours a day with limited visiting (with the potential for even stricter hours as he eventually moves through wards) is an absolute NO!!! When have evidently seen that when we are together – he’s been stable & progressive. When we are apart – he deteriorates in some way. It’s the same when his loved ones are present too. We simply cannot have any barriers to being in proximity at all times! Our Pasifika know that FAMILIES ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER, we do not leave eachother’s sides. We are not raised as individuals, we belong to one collective whole — the village. And a village separated is weak. So, help us unite our village because we only do STRONG!!! ✊🏿🇼🇸🇨🇰 #UNITY

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The lock and his wife, Tatiana, have been overwhelmed by messages of concern from around the world and are thankful of the support they have been given from the rugby community.

Warriors have also been inundated with messages from concerned supporters and have now set up the email account so that supporters can send messages to Michael and Tatiana.

Messages for Michael and Tatiana should be sent to: [email protected]


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