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Valentine’s Day Love to Hate players: The rugby stars fans simply can’t stand

9. Pascal Pape

Pape decided to dedicate a portion of Stade’s clash with Edinburgh to his unending pursuit of shithousery.

You may remember that it was Pape who also thrust his knee into Jamie Heaslip’s back,  leaving the Irish No. 8 with fractured vertebrae.

Well, his next defining moment was when Edinburgh’s wonderfully-named Phil Burleigh was sent-off for slapping Pape in the face. While childish, it wasn’t exactly forceful. Nonetheless, poor Pascal felt its brute force, and threw himself to the ground.

10. James Small (South Africa)

Whether it was becoming the first South African rugby player to get sent off, or being accused of racially abusing his team-mates, Small didn’t exactly endear himself to international rugby fans

11. Ronan O’Gara (Ireland)

Between his disastrous 2009 Lions cameo, his late drop goal to beat Wales the same year, or his silly red face, rugby fans have plenty of reasons to dislike this Irish fly-half

12. Austin Healey (England)

 It seemed unlikely when he retired that Healey would manage to become even more annoying as a pundit than he was as a player. But, somehow, he’s achieved it. Great job.