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“Very unpopular with a farmer” – 5 funniest Lions tour stories

#5. Not the best

Following a long drinking session during the 2017 Lions tour the hooker was starting to fade, so James Haskell said: “Come on old fella, let’s have a little lie down.”

He continued: “I wheeled in the hospital bed that had been Jack Nowell’s place of rest the night before, and we put Rory on it and tucked him in, so that he looked like a corpse. Within about 30 seconds he was asleep and happily snoring away. 

Then I said, “Why don’t we wheel him outside and leave him on the street?” We pushed him through the hotel, sniggering like children, but when we got him outside I said, “Why don’t we push him down that hill?” 

‘Our Lions hotel was right on top of a huge hill in Auckland that sloped down for miles to the sea. Without waiting for a response, I kicked the back of his bed and off he went. For the first 10 seconds or so, we all thought this was one of the funniest things we’d ever seen but as the hill became steeper, the bed picked up speed and panic set in.

‘People were screaming because they thought he was a runaway corpse that had rolled out the back of some undertaker’s ambulance. Rory was just very confused.’

One of the best rugby social story ever.


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