Violent brawl at Eden Park as Hurricanes battle Blues - Ruck

Violent brawl at Eden Park as Hurricanes battle Blues

As the Hurricanes were clawing their way to a win over the Blues, fists were flying between fans in the stands at Auckland’s Eden Park.

A quarrel between a Blues fan and a Hurricanes fan escalated into a wider melee about 8.45pm.

Witness Rory O’Sullivan said it began when the Blues supporter started shouting loudly toward the field.

“All of a sudden he was involved in a struggle, and punches were flying,” revealed O’Sullivan.

“There was beer flung at them as they were scuffling.

“Loads of people around were quick to try and stop the fight. It was over pretty quickly, but it looked pretty nasty.”

It took two security wardens and two police officers to break up the fight. The Blues fan was escorted from the stadium.


“The only guy who got chucked out was the Blues fan.”

O’Sullivan said he could still see the Hurricanes fan enjoying the game in the stand, “sitting there, looking proud of himself”.

A police spokeswoman said there hadn’t been any arrests at the game.

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