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Wales Fans Petition for New Badge, Over 10,000 Want Change

A call for the Welsh Rugby Union to alter their iconic crest has gained over 10,000 signatures, as supporters seek meaningful change.

The WRU has had the same logo since it was formed in 1881.

Their petition page reads: “Following the shocking allegations of sexism, misogony, racism, homophobia and other inappropriate language used by some staff at the Welsh Rugby Union, the organisation’s reputation is now in tatters. The urgent priority of the WRU should obviously be to make the organisation a safe place to work and free from sexism, racism and homophobia.

“Achieving this, the WRU should be rebranded with a more politically neutral emblem that properly represents everyone in Wales, such as the Welsh dragon (or other Welsh symbol such as a leek).

“The feathers have absolutely no connection with the last princes of Wales, Llywelyn and Owain Glyndwr. The feathers were first used by Englishman “Edward the Black Prince” and other English (then British) heir apparents with no genuine connection to Wales whatsoever. It is not an emblem that is embraced by everyone in Wales and supporters of Welsh rugby.”

Trystan Gruffydd says he hopes that once the petition reaches 7500 signatures, the WRU Chairman, Ieuan Evans, will acknowledge the call for change.

You can view and sign the petition HERE

The Welsh independence group YesCymru has devised three new crests for the Welsh Rugby Union that embrace Welsh heritage rather than symbolizing the British Monarchy.

The new crests replace the Prince of Wales feathers with designs that are more emblematic of Wales.

What’s your opinion on this change?