Wales warned not to pick player by worried Doctors following head knock - Ruck

Wales warned not to pick player by worried Doctors following head knock

Picking Wales proper Tomas Francis against France would be a “grave mistake” according to two accomplished Doctors.

The letter claimed that “there were 12 Criteria 1 signs and symptoms with six possibly observed on video and the remaining five identified during the on-field assessment”.

The two doctors claim “the typical observation on video are confirmed loss of consciousness, suspected loss of consciousness, convulsion, tonic posturing, balance disturbance/ataxia and clearly dazed”.

In a separate article, Prof Fairclough has again urged Wales not to pick Francis against France.

“Like any Welsh fan I want to see Tomas Francis in the Welsh team, because he’s a terrific player and would be key against a very good French side,” said Prof Fairclough.

“But I have carefully reviewed the footage numerous times, and in my expert view, it is beyond any doubt Tomas had suffered a brain injury.

“As someone who has taken an oath to protect life, I can’t, in all good conscience, fail to highlight I think him playing the next game puts him at unnecessary risk of serious harm, whether that be now or in the future.


“The HIA protocols undertaken during the England game were shown to be not fit for purpose.

“They were unable to recognise the fact he had clearly sustained criteria 1 signs of on-field concussion.

“The serious features displayed by Francis should outweigh the results of any subsequent assessment indicating he is sufficiently recovered in time to return for the French game.

“Wales may claim that he has been ‘passed fit’. For me that would be a grave mistake.”

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