Warren Gatland tells will 'look after' George North amid Northampton row - Ruck

Warren Gatland tells will ‘look after’ George North amid Northampton row

Warren Gatland says Welsh rugby will “look after” George North if his Northampton career ends early.

“The message I have said to George is, if he wants to come home quicker than next season we will look after him.” said Gatland

“He knows if he isn’t comfortable in that environment, we will support him and the Union (Welsh Rugby Union) will support him 100 percent for whatever happens with him.

“I understand from Northampton’s perspective, they are under their own pressure in terms of trying to get things back on track.

“George has given a huge amount of commitment to them in the first place by leaving Wales to go up there. He has enjoyed his time there, I know. It’s a great club with fantastic facilities.

“He has always talked hugely positively about his time up there and just how great the club and fans have been.”


Gatland was asked if he felt Gaffney had unfairly singled out North. And the Wales boss added: “Coaches do their own thing. I don’t have any problem with that. I can’t comment on the Northampton situation.

“I just know that George North picked up a slight hip-flexor injury against Ireland when he came on.

“That was treated by our medical staff, and we communicated that to Northampton. He went back up there and was treated by their medical team.

“So I understand when we sent him back, he had a slight injury. What happened after that I’m not too sure.

“He is OK now, which is why he has been selected [against Italy].”