Warren Gatland calls out Sean O'Brien for impact comments had on Rob Howley's family

Warren Gatland calls out Sean O’Brien for impact comments had on Rob Howley’s family

Warren Gatland has a book out about the Lions tour, a diary entitled In The Line of Fire, which chronicles his deeply difficult month in his homeland as the Lions coach.

The Lions boss has sat down with Vincent Hogan of The Irish Independent, and once again provided a response to Sean O’Brien’s comments.

What is different this time, however, is that Gatland has gone to a further length to explain the effect O’Brien’s criticism had on Rob Howley’s family.

“I’m not sure people always realise the impact of this stuff.” said Gatland

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“It was Rob Howley’s daughter’s first week at University. What’s it they call it, ‘Fresher’s Week?’ Supposed to be the highlight of going to college and she’s crying all week because of what’s in the newspapers.

“You think of the impact that has on a family when one person is highlighted.

“I mean Sean was complaining that Johnny and Owen drove everything attacking-wise the week of the second Test. But that’s surely what you want, it’s exactly what you’re trying to do.”

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