WATCH | Emotional Rory Best Finishes Career With Telling-Off From Nigel Owens

Rory Best finally walked away from his playing career as he bowed out with the Barbarians to a standing ovation in Cardiff.

Referee Nigel Owens was not oblivious to the occasion and was the first man to greet him as he was leaving the pitch.

“People will probably think that was all planned but it certainly wasn’t, the telling off was more to do with the rest of the team,” Owens told Channel 4.

“He’s been a wonderful servant of the game. I’ve shared the field with him for the best part of the last 15 years on occasions.

“The Welsh supporters are the best in the world and you can see the reception that they gave to him.

“That’s what makes the game of rugby such a wonderful game. It’s the best team sport on the field and, without a shadow of a doubt, off the field as well.”


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