WATCH | France claim prop was gauged before being sent off for punch

France claim prop Mohamed Haouas was eye-gouged before he was sent off for punching in the Six Nations loss to Scotland.

Les Bleus team manager Raphael Ibanez wants the Six Nations authorities to investigate, believing Nick Haining’s act led to Haouas hitting out in retaliation. They’ve submitted a report.

“We have found some quite revealing images that I have transferred to the disciplinary commission,” Ibanez told a press conference on Monday, referring to French TV footage that allegedly shows Haining making contact with Haouas’ face as tempers flared.

“We have filled our dossier as precise as possible. It’s now in the hands of the disciplinary commission.

“The act (Haouas’ punch) was justifiably punished but we need to understand why. It wasn’t by accident.”


Ibanez then told the gathered media he believed Haining should also have been sent off if the alleged act had been seen.

“I indeed think that it could have been penalised by a red card,” he said.

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