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Michael Cheika loses cool at reporter who asks him about his ‘f***ing cheats’ comment

Michael Cheika has lost his cool and stormed off from an interview.

The reporter questioned the Wallabies coach about the moment he was captured by television cameras saying the words “f***ing cheats” during his side’s 30-6 loss to England on Saturday.

Following Michael Hooper’s disallowed try, Cheika couldn’t help but laugh and sarcastically clap his hands before app earing to say the words “f***ing cheats”.

A reporter from beIN SPORTS quizzed Cheika about the moment he was caught on tape swearing and he took exception to the line of questioning.

“No, I never said … what are you talking [about]?” Cheika said.

“Is that really what it’s coming down to?

“Don’t say you’re not. Have the respect for me to say, ‘I am doing that’ at least and I’m trying to fire it off. At no stage … you know maybe I could’ve said something but if that’s the new thing, well yeah maybe I did swear. It happens sometimes in life. I’m sure you have as well, have you? Maybe the TV camera wasn’t on you at the time.

“They can replay whatever they like. If that’s what it’s come down to, that’s it. I’m trying to have an interview without getting stuck into that and you want to try to keep making it [about that].”


Speaking in his post-match press conference, a more measured Cheika played down an exchange of words with England supporters as he made his way to the sideline.

“There are plenty of fans giving me a gob full, I can assure you,” he said.

“And it’s not nice, not pleasant. But that is the way it goes, the way it happens.

“I know when I walk down the stairs that I’m going to cop abuse but that’s the way she rolls.”

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