Welsh anthem could be next rugby song to face the axe - Ruck

Welsh anthem could be next rugby song to face the axe

In Wales they also have their own dubious rugby soundtrack. Why, why, why, Delilah?

The iconic ballad sung by choirs at the Millennium Stadium depicts the brutal revenge killing of a woman.

It has become an unofficial anthem for Welsh rugby fans – and singing legend Tom Jones has even sung it to the crowds.

But following the RFU’S review of ‘Swing Low’ there are fresh calls on Twitter to have it banned from Welsh grounds.

The BBC’s Wyre Davies posted: “If England rugby fans should drop “Swing Low”, shouldn’t Wales do likewise with “Delilah” (“a song that trivialises the idea of murdering a woman”)?

Rhondda MP Chris Bryant added to the chorus of disapproval.

“It is a simple fact that when there are big international rugby matches on, and sometimes football matches as well, the number of domestic violence incidents rises dramatically,” he said.

“I know that some people will say, ‘Oh, here we go, he’s a terrible spoilsport,’ but the truth is that that song is about the murder of a prostitute.”


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