REVEALED: What does Owen Farrell's celebration mean?

REVEALED: What does Owen Farrell’s celebration mean?

Owen Farrell’s two-finger try celebration has got plenty of England rugby fans asking – why does he do it? 

There is a good reason for the celebration. It’s to raise awareness for an illness called Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Jack Johnson was diagnosed with the debilitating condition in 2012. It affects one in 3,500 boys and, in rare cases, it can also affect girls

The fly-half was so moved by the determination of terminally-ill Jack that he dedicates his tries and kicks to the poorly five-year-old.

He said: “The charity is called Joining Jack and the sign is hooking the two index fingers together to create two Js – it’s called the Joining Jack salute..

“It’s something a lot of the rugby league boys have caught on to.

“Andy Johnson (Jack’s father) played for a few rugby league clubs and has got a lot of friends in the league community. The sign has caught on massively.” editor Steve Smith also supports the cause and played in a charity rugby match for a journalist side against a group of politicians last year.

Other stars supporting the cause

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