What phobias do Nigel Owens and Joe Marler have? And which England international hates Ketchup?

ON the pitch they’re fearless, but these rugby heroes share some bizarre phobias that scares the B’jesus out of them. 

Taken from interviews with Rugby World, find out the fears of YOUR favourite rugby stars.

Jonny Wilkinson: “Heights. Being stuck in a lift, now we’ve talked about that. And audience participation, the type you get at stage shows. In school, we had three occasions like that and I got selected all three times. I tried different approaches, apart from getting up and running out of the building, and I still got picked every time.”

Jonny May: “I hate heights and flying.”

Beauden Barrett: “I’m claustrophobic. When I was at boarding school a guy locked me in a cupboard. It felt pretty traumatic. I don’t have any problems with long-haul flights, but when I get caught under anyone…”

Sean Maitland: “I hate heights. When you’re on a bridge or up a skyscraper and you look down, that absolutely terrifies me.”

Sebastian Negri: “I’m very claustrophobic, so lifts aren’t a great one for me. In Florence last year I had a bit of a panic attack in a lift when we were stuck in there for 20 minutes. A lot of the boys were taking the mickey. And my other phobia is probably snakes.”

Cheslin Kolbe:Snakes. If I ever see one I’ll be gone, no doubt about that!”

Ollie Thorley: “I’m not a massive fan of nasty toes, which you see a lot of in rugby. Specifically the nails. You know, when someone’s had their toenail stood on and it’s all blackened. That creeps me out. My own nails are beautiful.”