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Will Carling defends Courtney Lawes after lock is labelled ‘a liar’

Former England centre Will Carling has rushed to the defence of lock Courtney lawes after one user branded him a liar following a recent interview.

The Northampton lock spoke out about what he feels is the curtailing of his freedom of speech.

Lawes has previously been outspoken on social media on issues such as marriage, parenting and race. However, he claims that there are some things that he cannot comment on unless his view aligns with a certain stance.

One user took exception to this interview tweeted: “Courtney Lawes is a liar.

“Nobody has ever removed his right or ability to say whatever he likes on any subject. What has happened is that his shit opinions have been criticised and that’s what he doesn’t like.”

Carling rushed to the defence of the lock.

“Courtney Lawes is no liar,” tweeted the legendary England captain.

“He has hugely informed views on this issue, delivers them with dignity and grace. “


“He is incredibly impressive in my view, for a whole host of reasons, but you ‘Shadwell’ are not !!!”

Lawes then responded to the same tweet, saying: “So the people who tried to have me fired and dropped by my sponsors were just criticising me

“Sounds like you’re the one with the shit opinions. Next time you should tag me so we can have a conversation.”


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