Will Greenwood reacts to Eddie Jones' controversial comments

Will Greenwood reacts to Eddie Jones’ controversial comments

England legend Will Greenwood thinks Eddie Jones’ derogatory comments about Ireland and Wales shouldn’t be taken out of context.

The video shows Jones giving a talk on leadership for Fuso, the Japanese parent company of England sponsors Mitsubishi.

It was uploaded by Fuso to YouTube in July last year but has only come to light before Saturday’s final round of the 2018 NatWest 6 Nations when England will face Ireland at Twickenham.

“It’s a poor choice of language straight away,” said Greenwood, speaking on Sky Sports.

“Can you contextualise it? Yes, I do believe you can,

“It’s language he shouldn’t really be using but he is playing the fool to the crowd, saying we lost in Dublin and we will go get them.

“If you look at it written down without understanding how he’s said it, who he’s said it too, where he’s said it then you are factually correct.

“But if you watch it you can see he’s just playing the typical Australian hooker.”

Watch the full interview with Will Greenwood HERE.


In a statement, Jones said: “I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused – no excuses and I shouldn’t have said what I did. I’m very sorry.”

Incidentally, England host Ireland at Twickenham in the final game of this year’s Six Nations.