Marland Yarde sets record straight after dramatic Harlequins departure

England and Sale winger Marland Yarde has set the record straight after his dramatic exit from Harlequins.

He allegedly failed to report for training on three separate occasions without providing a satisfactory explanation.

The club gave the 25-year-old international his marching orders by John Kingston late last year, with the winger subsequently signing a three year deal with Sale.

‘I’m not going to sit here and I say I was Jesus Christ,’ revealed Yarde.

‘I made errors. I was late for training a few times – more in the early part of my career at Harlequins, rather than the latter part.

‘That just meant that when anything happened in the last six months, it went from a molehill to a mountain pretty quickly.


‘I wouldn’t have played consistently in so many games for Harlequins if I was someone who doesn’t care or doesn’t work hard.

‘I’ve made a few off-the-field errors, which I’m sure most people in most day-to-day jobs would do, but that’s not me just making excuses and saying it’s alright. ‘

Read Yarde’s full interview with the Mail Online HERE.
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