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“Won’t rush back” – Tom Curry will be forced to step down from rugby

#2. Sam Underhill (England) -Stepped down from rugby

Bath were in no rush to bring back the England flanker after he suffered his fourth concussion in two months against Leinster in late January.

After treatment, Underhill exited to the dressing rooms for a head injury assessment but he didn’t return to take his place back from his replacement, Josh McNally.

Commenting on the incident for BT Sport, ex-England No8 Lawrence Dallaglio said: “A lot these injuries come from the second or third tackler coming in and it’s Underhill, he gets his head in the wrong place.”

Commentator Alastair Eykyn added: “That is nasty in itself but he has only just come back from concussion problems and it was one of the reasons for his absence from the England Six Nations squad, so this will be a grave concern to club and country.”

He eventually returned in May.