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WORLD-CLASS | James Haskell’s dream team a bit of a surprise


10. Jonny Wilkinson – Another who just constantly sets the standard. Close call with Dan Carter but I have to go for Jonny because of his attitude and the way he gives his all for the cause.

9. Danny Care – I just love the way he plays. The energy and the skill that he brings. Some of his footballing skills are just amazing and he’s got good chat as well.


1. Tim Payne – One of the most hard-working props there has been. Just a complete team man in the way that he plays the game and a very strong scrummager.

2. Trevor Leota – Easily the best hooker I’ve played with. He had the complete skill-set and he put in some of the biggest hits I’ve seen.

3. Paul Doran Jones – I’ve got to go for my old mate Paul. Another very good scrummager, and surprisingly he’s in pretty good shape for a prop – there aren’t many with a six pack but he’s one of them.


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