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World Cup 2019: International rugby team’s nicknames…

One of the more unusual aspects of international rugby is the fact that some nations use nicknames for their fifteens. 

Take a look at all of the International rugby team’s nicknames heading into this year’s showpiece tournament.

International rugby team’s nicknames at the 2019 Rugby World Cup…

South Africa – The Springboks: Also called Boks, or more correctly the Sprinbokke, or Bokke

Namibia – Welwitschias: It is a plant which is considered a living fossil and features on the country’s coat of arms. (The team is aka Biltongboere).

USA – The Eagles: Named for their emblem and national symbol

Canada – Canucks, Les Rouges, Maple Leafs: Canucks is a slang term for Canadians

Japan – Brave Blossoms: Named after their emblem. The team was previously called the ‘Cherry Blossoms’.