World Cup 2019: International rugby team’s nicknames…

England – Red & Whites: The Red and Whites is not a commonly used name. It comes from the red and white playing strip. Also the Roses? A Fenchman notified me that in France the English team is called “Le 15 de la Rose” – literally: “The 15 of the Rose”.

France – Le XV de France: “Le XV de France” literally translates as “The 15 of France”. France’s team is also called les bleus (the blues) because of the color of their uniform, though “Les Bleus” is more of a generic name for all French national teams. Before their curent strip which is mostly blue, the French team played in blue shirts, white shorts, and red socks, the colors of the national flag, and were nicknamed “Les Tricolores”. Also sometimes Le Coqs (the cockerels).

Georgia – The Lelos: The name comes from lelo, an indigenous Georgian sport with strong similarities to rugby. Lelo has been adopted as the Georgian word for “try”. One standard cheer of Georgian rugby union fans is Lelo, Lelo, Sakartvelo (Try, Try, Georgia). Another nickname that is sometimes used is “Men of Borjgali”

Ireland: They do not commonly use a nickname. If anything, they would be called the shamrocks (it’s the team’s emblem)

Italy – Azzurri: The same as their football (soccer) team and other Italian teams, a reference to their jersey color. Translates as “light blue or “azure”.

Russia – Bears: One of the animals that are most connected to the country.

Scotland: Again, they do not commonly use a nickname, though sometimes they are called the thistle (it’s their emblem)

Wales – Dragons: Their national symbol. It’s even on their flag.