World Cup 2019: International rugby team’s nicknames…

Argentina – Los Pumas: They’re called this because of the animal depicted as the team’s emblem. However, that animal is actually a jaguar (ayaguareté) and not a puma!

Australia – Wallabies: A wallaby is a small kangaroo native to Australia.

Fiji – Bati (The Warriors), Flying Fijians

New Zealand – All Blacks: Named for their playing strip. Early New Zealand national rugby uniforms consisted of a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers. By their 1905 tour New Zealand were wearing all black, except for the silver fern, and their All Black name dates from this time.

Samoa – Manu Samoa: ‘Manu Samoa’ is the name of a famous Samoan chief/warrior some 10 generations ago.

Tonga – ‘Ikale Tahi (Sea Eagles)

Uruguay – Los Teros: Named after their emblem


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