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World Rugby set to make a controversial call on transgender women

World Rugby could ban transgender athletes from playing women’s rugby because of safety concerns.

A working group set up by World Rugby has compiled a 38-page draft document which argues that trans women should be banned from playing the sport,The Guardian has reported.

The document insists that trans women have a “significant” physical advantage over cisgender women.

It would be the first international sports federation to prohibit transgender women from competing.

In a statement to BBC Sport, it added: “The latest peer reviewed research confirms that a reduction of testosterone does not lead to a proportionate reduction in mass, muscle mass, strength or power. These important determinants of injury risk and performance remain significantly elevated after testosterone suppression.

“This presents a clear safety risk when transgender women play women’s contact rugby and this position is reflected within draft guidelines that are currently out for stakeholder consultation prior to the World Rugby Council considering the matter later this year.

“Rugby is an inclusive and welcoming sport and World Rugby is fully committed to continuing to work with relevant groups to explore appropriate participation pathways for transgender athletes and is funding further research into the safe participation of all players in rugby. This is in addition to extensive non-contact participation avenues that are available to everyone at union level.”

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