Young player bullied for having one arm scores 11 tries

Shay Dunster, who is a nine-year-old boy with one arm, silenced the bullies when he scored an incredible 11 tries at a rugby festival.

He was born with half a left arm, but has never let it stop him playing the game he loves with incredible success.

A spokesman said: “Shay’s been asked ‘how can you play rugby with one arm? ‘. The team has replied ‘because he’s talented’.

“He’s also been told that he can’t play rugby because he only has one arm.

“He’s also been bullied to the point he has doubted himself and wanted to give up. But with a lot of encouragement he is still playing, he doesn’t get treated any differently to the rest of the team and goes out on that field every week and gives it his all.

“He’s our very own twinkle toes. Shay is a prime example that a disability doesn’t define you as a person. Proud, proud, proud.”


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