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“You’ve got my number” – Eben Etzebeth calls out Bakkies Botha

Springbok legend Bakkies Botha is unhappy with Eben Etzebeth’s early departure from Toulon as the Springbok is set to join the Sharks from next season.

Etzebeth took over the mantle of the enforcer in the Springboks camp from Botha, who was infamous for imposing himself on the game.

Bakkies Botha had said in an interview with French media, “Eben Etzebeth? Incredible fighter, best second row in the world. But I regret that he only shows his best face with the Springboks,” Botha told Midi Olympique. “

In Toulon, he is still a little injured, concussed and in the end, never plays. “Obviously, he was not made for France and he will turn his back on the problems the club went through to return to South Africa.”

The interview had made headlines around the world of rugby with many waiting for the response of Eben Etzebeth.

Here was his what he had to say in the tweet below, saying: “Noted. Next time you want to ENFORCE an opinion, you’ve got my number.”


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