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“Exciting opportunity” – England set to quit Six Nations for new breakaway tournament

The RFU are set to ditch the Six Nations to join a new international tournament that will see them take on the likes of Iceland, Cyprus and Madagascar.

Following another dismal performance during the 2022 Six Nations, the England top brass have decided drastic measures are needed to get the team winning again.

However, head coach Eddie Jones says his side are not getting ahead of themselves.

“Cyprus went an incredible 24 matches without defeat a few years ago against the likes of Azerbaijan and Andorra. They have to be respected,” said Jones.

“Rugby is the national sport of Madagascar and I’m sure they’ll prove to be tough opponents. I hear Alex the Lion is now available after qualifying through residency. He will add some bite to their forward pack.

“This is an exciting opportunity to test ourselves ahead of the Rugby World Cup instead of playing the same five teams every year.”

April fools.

RANKED: Five of the best rugby April fools ever…

Every April 1, aka April Fool’s Day, there are bound to be some prank news stories, but in a time of fake news, it’s super hard to differentiate.

However, we’ve gathered some of the best funny rugby stories from down the years so you don’t have to.

Rugby April fools:

#5. The Zebra’s?

It was reported that the Springboks had changed their name to “Zebras”, to reflect the country’s racial diversity, and the colours black and white would do exactly that.

The report went on to “quote” one of the officials from the SA rugby association, who said the new black and white gear would debut in September during the World Cup.


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