10 Steps to Becoming a Rugby Superfan

10 Steps to Becoming a Rugby Superfan

If you haven’t been a rugby superfan your whole life, there’s no better day to start than today.

1. Pick your favourite player
Once picked you’ll back him against anyone, even when he is old and past it.
He’d still do a job for most teams…

2. Purchase Tickets For Every Game Home/Away
Well, that may be easier said than done depending on your team. 

3. Get Social
Even if you can’t be at all the games for your team, it doesn’t mean you can’t get behind them here in the UK. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms will be full of your opinions on team selections, results and much more.

4. Brave the Weather
When it comes to embracing winter weather, rugby superfans set the bar pretty high by turning up whatever the conditions.

5. Get Fearless With Your Fashion
When it comes to style, rugby superfans definitely dress to impress. Okay, maybe not impress, but they certainly know how to stand out.

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