April Fools' Day 2020: The best attempts from the world of rugby - Ruck

April Fools’ Day 2020: The best attempts from the world of rugby

How many April Fools’ Day spoofs did you fall for this year?

Once again, rugby players and media outlets have been trying to pull the wool over the eyes of supporters with pranks, tricks and jokes.

1. George Kruis

England And Saracens lock George Kruis has been having some April fools fun, announcing that he’s making a career switch.

2. Premiership future sorted?

Rugby Pass ran a hilarious article about how the Premiership will be ended. They revealed that Premiership Rugby had devised a detailed plan to play out the remainder of the season on the Shetland Islands, where every team will be quarantined for three months while games play out.

3. Fake retirement

Former Bristol Bears and Northampton Saints prop Jamal Ford-Robinson has entertained fans with his fake retirement.

4. The Scrumbags?!

5. Our offering

We annoyed a few people…

RANKED: 6 of the best rugby April fools ever…

Every April 1, aka April Fool’s Day, there are bound to be some prank news stories, but in a time of fake news, it’s super hard to differentiate.

However, we’ve gathered some of the best funny rugby stories from down the years so you don’t have to.

6. The Zebras?!