If you entered every Lions player into a 100m race, who would win? - Ruck

If you entered every Lions player into a 100m race, who would win?

Speed is one of the most exciting yet contentious aspects of rugby. Fans loves to argue over ranking the fastest players, even though television pictures are often the only

There’s a reason why the 100m world record holder is known as the fastest man or woman alive, so it makes sense to use times clocked by rugby stars to determine the quickest in the game.

But who are the British & Irish LIons fastest player? The answer might surprise you. Interestingly, no place for Scotland’s Duhan van der Merwe or Wales’ Josh Adam.

Here are the top three fastest 100m times ran by the fastest British & Irish Lions stars.


Hogg broke Glasgow’s club record by hitting a top speed of 36.8kmh (just under 23mph) in training. In contrast, the Greater Roadrunner bird can only hit 20mph, while, back in the human realm, the top speed ever clocked by Usain Bolt was 27.8mph in the Berlin World Championships of 2009 when he set the still-standing 100m record of 9.58 seconds.

DID YOU KNOW? His father, John, played as a championship winning full-back for Hawick before becoming a rugby referee and his brother, Graham, played for Scotland 7s in the IRB Sevens World Series as well as representing Scotland at three different age grades


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