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LIST: 5 unjustified reasons why everyone ‘HATES’ England

The start of every international tournament is normally met with the same word that centres around the Celtic nations: hate. 

But when every single England rugby player is asked whether they hate the Irish, Scottish or Welsh, the answer is almost always a firm “no”. Not even a joke, or an ill-advised quip, the feeling just isn’t there.

Here are five possible – mainly unjustified – reasons why they might hate England:

5. History

According to James Haskell this is what happens “when you used to run the world isn’t it?

“It’s down to empire building. It got done a long, long time ago. I was nothing to do with it. I never once got in my boat and said: ‘right you’re part of Great Britain.’ I can’t be held responsible for it.

“It’s an easy motivation factor for other sides because of the long, entrenched history. It’s very difficult for us to feel the same. If you know your history we are partly to blame.”

JUDGEMENT: Maybe, but probably not. It’s not even recent history now.


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