9 things only rugby fans who don't drink beer, or cider, understand - Ruck

9 things only rugby fans who don’t drink beer, or cider, understand

1. Having to deal with plenty of strange looks when you announce the fact you don’t like beer or cider. At all.

2. You ruin every round, without fail, with statements like this: “Umm. Can I have a glass of red please?”

3. Downing drinks is very tricky.

4. Everyone looks at you slightly oddly when you hit the hard stuff early, to avoid drinking beer.

5. It gets really, really, boring why you don’t want a pint.

6. You tend to over compensate.

7. You tend to get a bit oversensitive when you go round to someone’s house and all they have to drink is beer.

8. Trying to drink wine at the same pace as your friends drink beer can get very messy, very quickly.

9. Beer is the only beverage worth considering at sports events. In saying no, well…


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