Celebrity Rugby fans: I bet you didn't know how many love rugby!

Introducing Celebrity Rugby fans: I bet you didn’t know how many love rugby!

17. Tom Jones

No real surprise that the crooner from the Welsh valleys loves his rugby. He’s the first in a long list of Welsh, English and Irish singers and actors to have held a life-long attraction to the game. Others included the late Richard Burton and Richard Harris.


18. US President George W. Bush

Played fullback at Phillips Academy and Yale. And yes, that is him in the below photograph attempting to make up for blowing a tackle by punching his opponent in the face.


19. US President Bill Clinton

Played prop at Oxford. Couldn’t find a photo of it, so I’m using the one of him in South Africa for the 2010 football World Cup with Mick Jagger and Katie Couric, because that’s a lot of famous in one place.

20. Idris Elba

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