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EXCLUSIVE | British & Irish Lions 2021 jersey accidently leaked

Lock: Willie John McBride (Ireland)

“His performances, on and off the pitch, as captain in South Africa in 1974 remain the stuff of legends, a staple of after dinner speeches in rugby clubs the world over. Abrasive and uncompromising, he was also cool-headed even in the often violent heat of Test match battle.”

Lock: Gordon Brown (Scotland)

“When the going got tough, Brown always got going and he was not scared to mix it with some of the more unsavoury elements in the All Blacks and Springbok sides. He may well have been baby faced, but he had the heart and the armoury of a warrior.”

Flanker: Richard Hill (England)

““A thoroughly decent human being, loyal and hard working, he devoted himself to the team at all times, to the point of self-sacrifice. While some flankers are self-proclaimed all-action heroes, making big and very visible hits in the open field, or in search of the eye-catching run and the try-scoring opportunity, Hill used his considerable brain, brawn and bravery in the trenches, in the sapping close-quarters confrontations, forever scrapping and wrestling, grappling and grunting.”

Flanker: Fergus Slattery (Ireland)

“One of those old fashioned flankers who put the complete and utter fear of God in midfield backs generally – and mere fly-halves especially.”

Number 8: Mervyn Davies (Wales)

“Tall and gangly with his trademark moustache, he appeared awkward and cumbersome off the field, but once he stepped onto the pitch he was transformed into an all-action hero, a natural leader who added gravitas to any team with which he was involved.”