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“Goodbye” – Five players who won’t play international rugby again after World Cup elimination

#5. Liam Williams

Williams insists he’s had no conversations about ending his Wales career after the World Cup. However, the 32-year-old revealed he won’t be able to play in next year’s Six Nations after moving to Japan.

He has signed for Kubota Spears and will head to Japan after the conclusion of the tournament in France. He admitted one of the reasons for leaving Wales is the ongoing financial climate that has seen players’ salaries slashed and some still left without contracts, including members of Warren Gatland’s training squad.

“I haven’t really spoken to Gats about that [his international future] to be honest,” Williams told the BBC. “I spoke to him about leaving and going to Japan, and he was OK with that. I won’t be able to play in the Six Nations next year, though.

“Some boys in this training camp still don’t have contracts. It’s a joke and probably one of the reasons I have left. A hundred caps does not pay the mortgage. I am 32 now and have two or three years left, and you need to maximize your earnings in this profession because it is a short career.

“So I am very grateful to be in the position I am when I know some of the guys are working so hard but don’t have jobs currently.”